017 Graines d'étoiles saison 1 épisode 1
  • Description

    The beginning of the future dancers' school year is an intense experience as it crystallises their early commitment to adult life. How do the younger pupils (9 to 12 years) experience it, and how do the older pupils (15 to 18 years) prepare for it?

    On what inner strengths and convictions do the pupils base their decisions? What forms do their desires take? What do they draw on, and with what tools do they equip themselves, to deal with being far from their families? And how do they stay in contact with them? (there is a Korean pupil, a Chinese pupil, Italian pupils, pupils from the French provinces and they all use Skype)

    How do the teachers introduce the pupils to the new school year? What memories do the teachers have of their own new school years, and what do they bear in mind when addressing their new pupils? Behind the vast array of preparatory activities for the beginning of the school year, the extent of expectations at the school becomes implicit.

    This first film will recount the "climbing on board", influenced here and there by the memories of new school years experienced 30 years earlier by those accompanying the pupils as they join the dance.

    A coproduction ARTE France, SCHUCH Productions, the Paris Opera and NHK
    With the support of the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’image animée, the PROCIREP - Société des Producteurs and of the ANGOA

    Director: Françoise Marie
    © SCHUCH Productions – ARTE France – Opéra national de Paris – 2012


  • Director

    Françoise Marie