• Description

    Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, a major figure of the choreographic stage, creates with Rain a piece of a rare intensity and pure refinement.

    The choreographer leads the dancers through the rhythmic pulsations of one of Steve Reich's main scores, Music for Eighteen Musicians, performed by the Ensemble Ictus.

    On stage, both music and dance drive the dancers into a perpetual momentum, a dizzying and jubilant race that seems to make life spring forth.

    The Étoiles, the Premières Danseuses, the Premiers Danseurs and the Paris Opera Corps de Ballet

    A co-production of the Paris Opera, Idéale Audience and ARTE France, with the participation of Mezzo and VRT
    With the support of the Orange Foundation, patron of the Paris Opera's audiovisual broadcasts, and with the assistance of the Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée.

    Director: Louise Narboni
    © 2014 – Opéra national de Paris - Idéale Audience – ARTE France

    Picture: © Agathe Poupeney / OnP  


  • Choreography

    Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

  • Music

    Steve Reich

  • Conductor

    Georges-Elie Octors

  • Set design

    Jan Versweyveld

  • Lighting design

    Jan Versweyveld

  • Costume design

    Dries Van Noten